Economic Episodes in Civics and American Government
M. Scott Niederjohn, Mark C. Schug, Signe Thomas & William C. Wood

To be intelligently engaged in American government at all levels, one has to understand the economic way of thinking. Economic thinking is a critical-thinking tool that helps us understand the behavior of people in government as well as the role played by government and non-government institutions

This textbook has several goals. The first is to teach students about the economic way of thinking, which helps us understand the choices people make across all disciplines and all walks of life. The second goal is to help students become more engaged and knowledgeable citizens by applying that economic way of thinking to our government and to our elected officials. And lastly, the textbook explains in non-technical language the economic and financial institutions, activities, and decisions that are integral to our government decisions and policies.

Economic Episodes in Civics and American Government is a unique teaching tool. There is no other supplemental textbook in today’s market that successfully integrates the principles of economics with civics and American government at the high school level. We recognize that the need is greater than ever for innovative teaching materials that engage students in new and creative ways about issues that really matter. We hope that you find this book to be such a text, and that the teaching and learning that occurs in your classes every day are enriched by its use.

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